69 corvette

A: Remove the bottom hose and open up the filler cap.

Q: repair cost to fix cracked fiberglass on a 69 Corvette Stingray?
What would be an estimate to repair cracks on a 69 Corvette Stingray

A: one arm, and 3/4 of a leg....

honestly... ask around shops in your area, prices change greatly area to area

Q: how many mpg does a 69 corvette have?
ive been on alot of websites trying to find out, but it doesnt show how many mpg a 69 corvette has. im thinking about buying one so if you fing out, please tell!!

A: Mine didn't get much more than 12.

Q: Where can I find information on the history of the '69 corvette 427 stingray?

A: http://www.vetteweb.com/features/vet_0311_1969_corvette_stingray_zl1/index.html

Q: what was the original transmition used with the 350 motor in the 69 corvette ?

A: I THINK the turbo-hydro 350 was the (auto) tranny of choice by then. If not, it was the two speed powerglide. A four speed manual known as the "muncie" or Borg Warner was also available.

Here is some info I found

L36 427 cu. in. 390hp Engine 10,531 (27.17%) $221
L46 350 cu. in. 350hp Engine 12,846 (33.14%) $132
L68 427 cu. in. 400hp Engine 2,072 (5.35%) $327
L71 427 cu. in. 435hp Engine 2,722 (7.02%) $437
L88** 427 cu. in. 430hp Engine 116 (0.30%) $1,032
L89 Aluminum Cynlinder Heads for L71 390 (1.01%) $832
M20 4-Speed Manual Transmission 16,507 (42.59%) $185
M20 4-Speed Manual Transmission 16,507 (42.59%) $185
M21 4-Speed Manual Transmission, close ratio 13,741 (35.45%) $185
M21 4-Speed Manual Transmission, close ratio 13,741 (35.45%) $185
M22 4-Speed Manual Transmission, close ratio, heavy duty 101 (0.26%) $290
M40 Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission 8,161 (21.05%) $222

Q: 69 corvette coolant overflow tank hose question?
There is a hose connecting the coolant reservoir and the water pump. What is this hose called? Where can I buy one. I checked most of the common vette part stores like ecklers and zips.

A: drain about a gallon of coolant out, take off the hose, then take it to any average auto store, (auto parts, ol reileys). They'll know what you need when they see it. cause the names really dont matter, its the shape.

Q: Chevrolet corvette 69 how much?
How much should i expect to pay for a Chevrolet Corvette, the 69 one not the other?

A: Big block car?4 speed car?Does it have a/c?There are alot of things that will make the value go up...Even the color of the car and interior...As much as 100,000.00 and as little as 4500.00...

Q: what is the value of a 69 stingray corvette in fair condition?

A: I'm not sure exactly, but that's a fairly valuable car. There are Corvette specific price guides out there that should give you a good idea. Also look for similar cars in Hemmings.

Q: does a 69 Corvette rearend take the same ring gear as a solid rearend.?
I have a 69 Vette rear end and I want to change the gear ratio, will gears or pumpkin from a solid axle care work

A: llololololol u sed 69

Q: 69 big block (427) corvette exhaust manifold?
I am looking for a pair of good pair of stock exhaust manifolds for my 69 big block (427) corvette.
I dont care about original GM parts.

Does anyone know of any cheap yet reliable reproduction manifolds (who sells them)?

A: any big block exhaust manifolds will work on that.

Q: is there a way i can get a registration for a 69 corvette?car sat 27 yrs withouth touching. owner dissappeared
the car was last registered in 1980.car was given to me by this guy that told me that his brother owned the car but abandoned it 27 years ago. is there a way i can obtained ownership to this car?
Guys cars before '72 dont come with titles,anyoe else ?

A: You need a bill of sale or title to prove ownership...or your going to have problems registering it.

Titles were issued for pre 72 vehicles...I have 2.

Sounds bogus if you ask me...no one in their right mind GIVES someone a 69 vette. Ask him to GIVE you a bill of sale too. You can register it with that. Then apply for a lost title from DMV.

Q: I am looking at maybe getting a 69 vette or maybe an 80's/early 90s Corvette.Does anyone have any advice?
What would the upkeep cost look like and would it be worth it to go for the later model vette???

A: Dodgeman is trying to be funny (since I know he knows better) - there was no 83 Corvette sold to the public. The C3 ended in model year 1982, and the C4 started in model year 1984.

The early C3's (68+) are probably the most collectible (best investment) within the range you've established, but the the C4's after 84 are better cars. 1984 was a bad Corvette year, it had that crappy "cross fire" fuel injection and that 4+3 tranny, so it wasn't very fast and also rode poorly. In 85, the C4 had many improvements, multi port injection, improved suspension.

Personally - I'd go for a C4, the newer (and lowest miles), the better, until I reached my budget.

Do you want a good investment, or the better driver?

Q: where do horse shoe clips go on 69 corvette rear brakes?
parking brakes

A: where the parking brake lever goes through the shoe, there is a groove in that round part. You'll have to bend the horse shoe after you get it put together right.

Q: I have a 69 camero with a t-1 corvette motor and it's not running,needs computerized.?
I want to know if $15,000 is too much?

A: Is the fuel system carb or fuel injected
if carb your fine, check ignition system for not starting
If fuel injected in any sort you need a ecm to run fuel delivery

Q: How hard/expensive would it be to put together a 69 C3 Corvette? And what if it was a semi-replica?
I saw a C3 Corvette today and while I've always liked the car the flipups (which I've always doubted to be good-looking) are incredible (they sort of look like mini-rally lights and their excessively mechanical look compliments the futuristic exterior). It got me thinking - how much would it cost to restore a C3, or build a replica with benefits (ie: better suspension, maybe a non-steel body, lighter/more modern engine and/or possibly a rotary)?
There are one or two C3 bodies near me, but they're in unknown - and probably bad - shape. Also, if I'd build this semi-replica, I wouldn't have to feel guilty for essentially destroying a 70s car for my own sake.
So basically:
-How much would it cost?
-How hard would it be?
These questions, of course, being asked for this semi-replica project, and then also for a restoration project.
My father has an RX-7 and lately I've been accompanying him during his installations of some somewhat minor parts (bought a new intercooler, for example). I am going to university to begin earning a bachelor of Technology this fall - this might or might not help.
Thanks for the quick responses.
Asylum Driver - Good news that the body's fibreglass - means it shouldn't deteriorate over time, right? (I know it'll probably be gutted outside of that though)
And yes, I understand that the rotary would be a blasphemy :P but as I see it, the car was supposed to be the American sports car, and the car has come with numerous engines, so what's the problem with getting an engine that'll help it do what it was designed for? I don't see how it's worse than, say, swapping the engine and it up for dragging?
I still probably wouldn't do it, also considering that rotaries are expensive - but I'd do my best to look for a good-quality modern engine instead of blowing who knows how much finding a like-old carburetor setup. I understand it's a shame for a car like this to become a non-perfect restoration, but not much I could do.
Wii_saint - Well, I've seen at least one on the internet that made replica frames. And yes, the 69 body is awesome :P
As a side note, a semi-restoration would focus on making the Vette more maneuverable. An example would be an independent rear axle - but that, my father was saying, would probably require fabrication (you could start with one from another car, and then try to fit it in the frame). I think I need to start some sort of theory thread on a Corvette forum.

A: Just go buy a beat up 69 and restore it. Don't try to clone the car. There are plenty of them out there. And the sources for parts are pretty much unlimited. You will have the real thing. You can spend as much or as little as you want. If you want a driver, you will spend less than if you want a show car. The work is not difficult if you have mechanical skills, or people you know who do. Join your local Corvette club, and meet people. Also there are some good forums on the internet for other sources of information.