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70 dodge challenger

A: I own a 1971 Challenger and am caretaker for my two daughter’s 1970 Challenger R/T’s (formerly mine) and they “do not” have a window frame around the door windows, the rear quarter window does have a chrome metal guide with a felt covered recess for the rear edge of the front window to rest in. I read and was told that 1970 Challenger “coupes”, of which I’ve never seen one, not saying they were never made, I’ve just never seen one, had “fixed” quarter windows with the same appearance.

Q: What do you think of the new Dodge Challenger vs the Old 70’s one?
So now that the new Challengers are out ( Yes I have see and even touched one) What would you rate them compared to the 70’s challengers?

A: I had a chance to see likely 30 or so at the Chrysler’s at Carlisle show this year

I did not drive one

I will say every one with the orange paint had (what seemed to be) a really horrid paint job – they had grey, black red, blue, and silver and they looked fab (esp the black)

I do agree that they are overweight – I would have liked to seen one offered without the following items – Air, Power steering, radio, all the electronic do-dads

This will not stop me from buying one

I would not compare them to the 70’s challengers – they are really different cars

Q: Can you change a ‘73 dodge challenger to look like a ‘70 challenger?

A: yes if you did enough work to it but like the above answer said what would be the point, id just as soon have a 73 rt/se as i would a 70 model,those are rare cars if you can find one,the 70 wasn’t the greatest car ever built,we need to all realize that,73 had a great looking body on them just weak and under powered engine,good luck.

Q: Dodge Charger or Dodge Challenger? (70’s models)?

A: i like the 60’s chargers better than the 70’s …but the dart’s were better yet

Q: Where can u buy a ’70’s dodge challenger for cheap?

A: their are no cheap ones left,my neighbor is going to sell his that he bought brand new and he,s asking 110 grand for it,you wont find no cheap challenger for sale now,good luck.

Q: 1969-70 Dodge Charger/Challenger for sale?
Does anybody on here have one of these cars for sale in the Midwest that’s not outrageously expensive? It doesn’t need an engine, transmission, or good paint. I’m looking for a project car, but with interior (seats, seat belts, etc.) and it has to be for a few hundred, maybe a couple thousand, but that would push it a little.

A: Is this close enough? I know it’s more than your budget and it’s a Plymouth but…

Q: how to fix up a 1970 dodge challenger r/t?
hi i have two questions first question is how can i tune up my 70 challenger r/t to be mean enough to perform in races…and my second question is should i sell my challenger for the 2009 challenger?

A: Are you kidding me?!?! You would adulterate a 70’s Challenger just to have it trashed on the track?!?! Look if the car is not in that great of shape (Lots of rust and I mean a lot of rust) pull the motor, have it bored .60 over, put a 12.1 piston kit in it, Deck the heads and install the roller rocker and lifter kit, put in a purple shaft. Port and polish the heads, toss in a dual tunnel ram intake with 2, 800 Hollies, turn the crank out and if possible locate a steel crank to plop in it. (The steel cranks will offer higher RPM’s and are lighter then the cast-iron cranks) Balance and blue print the whole show. To back it up with a 727 performance shift kit and use the RV clutch packs. They are heavy duty and will haul that old lady down the track with out a single hiccup. Once you have squared off that toss in the 8 3/4 rear sure grip. Add a pinion snubber with an aluminum drive shaft and you have a serious road rocket. With this set up there is no reason why you shouldn’t turn a cool 11.5 in the quarter. Again this is only if the body of the car is junk. If she still looks sweet. I would not touch it and I would keep her as a daily driver. Maybe spend the money to have the motor and transmission rebuilt. And clean up the exterior and interior a bit. You do that and with a few shows you’ll have people making you insane offers.

Q: Dodge Challenger 08?
Are they still coming out with the dodge challenger 08 model??? I was wondering because I have enough money to buy 1. Last time I heard it was still coming out. I have a 70 Challenger. I want to see what is different about the two cars. Anyways ARE THEY STILL COMING OUT WITH THE 08 CHALLENGER????
That’s what I am going to do. Race them I had to sacrificed cubic inches to get a manual transmission. But I want to see if it still lives up to its name.

A: Here is the countdown web page

Q: What cars look like a 1970 Dodge Challenger?
‘70 seems to cost too much.
Any other makes/models.
Does not have to be strictly dodge.
Any suggestions are appreciated.
NOT the new challenger :P
Just cars that look VERY similar to the challenger.:D

A: 1965 gto or a new challenger

Q: 1970 challenger 340/six pack or 1970 plymouth barracuda?
i’ve been interested in the ‘70 dodge challenger 340 six pack and the ‘70 plymouth barracuda, i’m wondering which one would be worth restoring and turning into a sleeper. also which color challengers are popular among collectors.

A: Good luck finding one! They are both pretty similar. I`d go with the Challenger though. They are gonna be even more popular when the new Challenger premiers next year!

Q: Muscle cars chevy dodge 70’s?
What do yall think about the 1970 dodge challenger r/t vs the 69 chevy camaro? What are the pros and cons of both vehicles? powerwise too.

A: The Challenger R/T is slightly rarer and consequently will be more expensive. About $30,000-$40,000+ for a decent example regardless of options.

A nice, non original ‘69 Camaro can be found with just about any Chevy small block or big block for $20,000-$25,000.

The Camaros are more commonly found with engine performance upgrades than the Challenger. Mopar guys are generally more purists than Chevy guys.

Even a Challenger with a stock 440 Magnum is a really powerful car! They’ve got 375 horsepower and a stump pulling 480lb ft of torque right out of the factory. But it is common to find ‘69 Camaros with really nasty small blocks like 355s, 383 strokers, and even 400s. Some guys even put 454 big blocks in them(which they never cam with), and once and a while you’ll find one with a 396.

Q: What is your most disireable car ever?
What kind of car do youlike or have or want to have ?

I love the muscle cars. So I am all in that game.

69 – 73 Mustang
67 – 70 and 79 Camaro.
70 Dodge Challenger
70 – 73 Plymouth Cuda
70 Roadrunner

And plenty more. whats yours?

A: I rather fancy this BRUISER. Retro body with a modern chassis and BMW V12 running gear. S3 A Bentley.

I just purchased a 1958 Jaguar XK150 Roadster. It’s a nice car too. The link does not show my car but it’s close.

1960 DB4GT Astom Martin Zagato would be nice in the garage.

And the absolute ultimate road car. A Ferrari 250 GTO.

Q: dodge challenger….?
hey im turning 16 and i want a dodge challenger… i was wondering would a 70’s model be cheaper than a new one and which one has lower insurance

A: Wow, aiming high eh?
You’d likely have to buy a rust bucket that does not run, then fix it yourself. Otherwise you are looking at $20,000+ for an old car in not-so-great shape. Challengers weren’t made for many years in high volume, like say a ’60s Mustang. You can find a good running ’60s ’stang for $5000. Challenger? Not so much….
Either will have high insurance on a 16 year old male, but probably the new one would be higher simply due to what the company shows as its value.

Q: What is the song on the new 2008 dodge challenger ad?
the ad i’m talking about has an 70 plum crazy challenger at a stop light and a08 pulls up next to him, the lyrics kinda sound like “blown away let the ocean take you…”
the ad i’m talking about has an 70 plum crazy challenger at a stop light and a08 pulls up next to him, the lyrics kinda sound like “blown away let the ocean take you…
it’s not daughtry or get blown away, it’s pretty fast paced and more rockish i placed a link above

A: I haven’t seen the ad yet. I just ordered my new 08 today I’m very excited to get it, they predict the end of Jan. first of Feb.

Q: Does anyone know when will Dodge release the Challenger?
They are supposed to resurrect this vehicle from the 70’s

A: Im thinking the previous answers incorrect. Maybe seeing a charger. Release date is between 2008-2009. Around the same time Chevrolet releases the new camaro.

What Says: With few design changes from concept to production, this Challenger should be just as popular as the original when it goes on sale in 2008.

What We Know: The concept vehicle was inspired by the 1970 Dodge Challenger, a companion to the Plymouth Barracuda and one of the last of Detroit’s original muscle cars. In its heyday, Challenger went toe-to-toe with the Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang — a battle that is sure to be reenacted with the latter-day Mustang and the just-as-eagerly awaited reincarnation of the Chevy Camaro. While Chrysler declined to reveal many more details after announcing production of the popular concept, it is expected that the production ‘08 Challenger will be built on a shortened version of the rear-wheel-drive LX platform that underpins the Dodge Charger and the Chrysler 300. A Hemi V8 will be stuffed under the hood, and there is almost certain to be a performance-oriented SRT8 edition with a large-displacement, high-output Hemi.

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