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dodge challengers

A: I sell them, and the difference in price is the different engines. Of course, the SE is base model, it’s a V6 engine, then you have your R/T and your SRT-8, the SRT of course being the 6.1l HEMI. There aren’t alot of options on one of these, there is an upgraded tire package, the sunroof, the My GIG with Nav, these are all options. Also, keep in mind that since these are so new and alot of dealerships aren’t even getting one, they are going for above sticker alot of places.

Q: Are the new Dodge Challengers good cars?
I am thinking about getting a new Dodge Challenger R/T since I have always been a fan of the Dodge Challenger ever since I was a little kid. I have friends advising me that dodges are not good cars mechanically so I wanted to know what you guys felt about dodges. Any Help is appreciated.

A: man when you ask a question in the dodge section on a challenger people aren’t going to say its a bad car,actually its a pretty nice car to own and drive,so far that has been the car that has caused the least amount of problems and been really good on sales,and for the price of it they seem to be doing real well on it,my neighbor owns two of them and he drives them in the rain or what ever the weather is,if you want to know what people really think about them check out Edmond’s reviews on it,they give it a pretty good rating,good luck.

Q: I need a few estimates for car insurance on Dodge Challengers?
What would be the estimate for insurance on each of these cars:

2004 Dodge Challenger

2009 Dodge Challenger

I’m 16, 3.9 GPA, no criminal record or tickets.

or if you know of a site where I can get a quick estimate, please mention it.

A: You can compare how the insurance quotes would change, for example here –

Q: is the new dodge challenger supposed to take after the 70s challengers?
cause if so, i’m going to change the logos to charger logos, and put general lee decals on mine.

A: The General Lee (That noun is capitalized, son) was a Charger (about 256 of them, mostly 1968’s). Some folks are confused because the new Charger is a 4 door.

The new Challenger maintains a high degree of fidelity to the old Challenger lines, but is bigger. The similarity is strong enough that I have had several old Challenger owners ask if mine (2009) was a restored one from the 70’s.

It is your car, do what you want…but the General Lee was a Charger, here ya go, take your hat off when this plays!:

Q: How much are the new dodge Challengers going to cost and will they have a hemi available in automatic?

A: The first Challengers will be SRT-8 models with automatic transmissions, with a HEMI Orange exterior, hood stripes, and a 6.1-liter HEMI V-8 engine. The first three will be auctioned off for charity.

The Hemi engine is set for an upgrade, but it probably will not arrive in time for the Challenger. By 2009, Chrysler will have variable cam timing set up for its Hemi engines, neatly leapfrogging most variable-valve timing systems. The multiple displacement system.

The Dodge Challenger will be produced as a coupe, to arrive in dealerships in 2008 (as a 2008 model year car), and to be built on the same line as the 300, Charger, and Magnum. Chrysler assures that the production car will be practically indistinguishable from the concept. I expect a price of about $31,000.

Q: What is the best engine for the Dodge Challengers and why?
I was meaning the best preforming engine in the old challengers

A: i have to agree with johny on this one the 440 was the best engine used in them, i owned one that had a 440 in it and i use to beat a lot of hemi,s late nights on a friday and saturday nights with it,the 426 was a good high torque engine but with a good built 440 man you could literally wipe out a hemi in a good race,and im talking good old friday night drag races,the 440 was the best available big block for those car,s,and when i owned mine it was almost new,and not to many people wanted to ride with me in it,good luck.

Q: Is there a four door model of dodge challengers?
Do you have to get it custom made for four doors?

A: No, there are no four door challengers. You are probably mistaken it with the charger.

Q: Are cops going to get the new Dodge Challengers?
They had them in the 1960-70s. Are they still a good cop car?

A: i doubt they will ever get a challenger for a cop car,they do use the new chargers in some cities already,but one city i know of for sure only used the charger for one year and went back to the fords,Chrysler lost out on the cop car market once and maybe they,ll get it back,the only reason they might even use a challenger would be for a pursuit vehicle,and that’s doubtful,good luck.

Q: what do you think about the new Dodge Challengers?
I’m graduating soon and I’m getting a new car before I go to college. Do you think the R/T versions with the 5.7 hemi’s would be a good choice? Or what do you think?

A: i really like em,my neighbor bought a new one and i have drove it several times,he bought the nicest one you can get and it drives and runs as good as it looks,the only thing i hate about it is its hard to back up ,there seems to be too many blind spots in the mirrors on it,other than that its a great car,if you get a chance to test drive one do it,its a good ride to take,id go for the hemi version on it if it was going to buy one you wont be disappointed in it,good luck.

Q: are dodge challengers going to be all over the place?
at first i wanted to get a mustang GT, but then the more i looked on the street, the more i saw them.

me and my bro want to get a dodge challenger, but i want to know if theyre going to be all over the place like the mustang. on dodge’s site it says “our most popular car” on the challenger SE (the cheapest one)

ive never saw one on the road yet, but i dont want to get a car thats so popular

what do you think?

A: They will never be as bad as mustangs and camaros. The road is littered with those two. Don’t get me wrong I like them both, They are just everywhere. I love the new challenger, but in this economy I dont think there will be too many of them out there. Just wait until the new camaro comes out. There will be tons of those, trust me

Q: Who’s bought one of the new Dodge Challengers? What are they like for driving,reliability,quality etc?
I’m moving to Canada next year and I was looking at buying a Challenger

A: They are cool looking
Drove one
Bought an Infinity g37 instead

Q: Who’s bought one of the new Dodge Challengers? What are they like for driving, reliability, quality etc?
I’m moving to Canada next year and I was looking at buying a Challenger

A: So far so good with mine. It has just turned 6000 miles, and I don’t drive it like a neanderthal. Like any piece of machinery, if you treat it well, and perform maintenance on it regularly, you should enjoy many years of service.

Q: When will the new dodge challengers come in the color plam crazy?

A: At this time, there are no plans to have a Plum Crazy challenger. If you want one with a similar paint color, you could get the SMS Challenger 570. The “awesome” colors as I like to call them have been cut from the charger too. You can now only get the Daytona’s in white or hemi orange. In fact, the only color you can now get the super bee’s in is the hemi orange as well, no more Detonator yellow or B5 blue.

Here’s some info on the SMS Challenger, couple of friends of mine were at that party too and said the paint and entire car looked amazing:

Q: do they have the dodge challengers in a standard transmission?
i have only seen them in automatic but i would hate to drift with an automatic. thanks

A: yes the ’09s with the 5.7 and 6.1 have optional 6 speed sticks

Q: Any relatively cheap cars that look like Dodge Challengers?

A: not really, there’s not any that really look like the challenger except the camaro or a fire bird and that’s only from a distance,in the movie vanishing point the actual car that crashed in to the bull dozier was a 69 camaro,they did a little movie magic to fool people but most people didn’t even notice it,from a long distance the camaro was often mistaken for a challenger,good luck.

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