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A: try ebay

or a local dealer

Q: Honda Civics?
Do any 08 Honda Civics come with a larger than 4 cylinder engine? And if anyone has driven one with a 4 cylinder are they slow starters?

A: Nope, all civics are 4 cylinders.

The LX and DX models are slowest of all, especially with an automatic transmission.

The EX/Si are the faster ones of the series, with VTEC motors and a little more torque than the base models

But all still 4 cylinders.

Q: Is it true that Honda Civics are easy to break into?
I am getting a car soon and my family and I found a good deal on a Honda Civic. I do not mind Honda Civics and they drive well, but my boyfriend told me that Honda Civics are a bad choice because anybody can break into them and steal them. Is this true? I live in a pretty safe neighborhood, but my college is located in an area that isn’t dangerous, but not that safe either. What are the risks of having a Honda Civic? How likely is it that somebody can break into a Honda Civic and steal it?

A: i have had a civic for 2 years, it was done up with rims & a paint job, sunroof, exhaust ect..
never has anybody tried to break into my car! i leave it in side streets when i go shopping in dark, shopping centre parking, the city ecttt

Q: what other year honda civics front passanger windows can u use?
we need a front passanger window for a 95 honda civic 2 door but we cant find the car at the junk yard. what other honda civics windows can we use?

A: pretty sure just 92-95 2 door.

Q: How do people win races with Honda Civics?
Nothing against Honda. I know they’re great cars… but the honda civics only get about 100 horsepower (I know the new ones get more, but I usually see people with the older ones)

I know you can soup em up and stuff. But I even know people that win races with them without hardly doing any mods. And most new normal commuter cars out there will get a few hundred horsepower.

Is there something else other than horsepower I should be taking into account?

A: If its like auto cross race’s that they are winning, it’s because they handle well around corners and they don’t loose traction as easily due to not having any torque.

For drag races, its mostly due to the lightness of the car. In some case’s, a simple head swap can give you an extra 17-35hp, depending how invloved you get with it (adjustable cams and chipped ecu). Throw a stage 2 or 3 cam on top of that and you get another 20hp or so.

So you can go from 102hp stock on a 92-95 civic with a d15b7 to around 150+ with not a lot of work and in a lot of case’s less than $1,000.

Even with a blown head gasket and extra crap in my Civic, I can still get a 9 second 0-60. Car has 205,000 miles too. It’s actually quite amazing how well they hold up.


Q: Honda civics?
when people say you lost low end power, does that mean, is it in all the gears or what, i realy dont know bout cars. lol

A: Power on the low end is power from a standing or slow start, like when you are just moving off or going slow

Q: What are some common/occasional mechanical problems with Honda Civics?
For 2002-2005 versions, what are some of the re-occuring mechanical issues for Honda Civics? Where are they in terms of reliability when compared to other economy cars like the Cobalt and Focus.

A: nothing i know of with mind all i did was the norm maintence and never had any problems

Q: How long do Honda civics last?
I am buying a car soon and i found a car i liked and its a Honda Civic EX 1997 with 180,000 Miles. I heard that cars die at certain amount of mileage so anyone know what mileage do Honda Civics die at? anyone know?

A: Hondas you can drive for everr. I have a honda accord with about 190,000 miles and it still runs great.
Just make sure you change the oil on time and you will be fine. You can keep that car for over 250.000 miles. Im sure

Q: A question about the quality of newer Honda Civics?
Are the latest generation of Honda Civics (2006 and later in this case) as durable and dependable as Civics from years past granted, of course, regular maintenance and a lot of tlc is involved?

A: I never had one so I cant say. But if your looking into tuning, the older versions are easier

Q: Are honda civics bad cars for a young driver?
I like honda civics (looking at early 1990’s models) but i am told that they are not good because
1. Parts are expensive
2. Expensive to service
3. Very commonly stolen car

Are these reasons true?
i mean a young driver who doesn’t have much money
My point is are they expensive to maintain compared to other cars with similar fuel efficencies

A: parts aren’t that expensive, considering the large aftermarket out there for civic. ebay is great,. servicing will depend on what’s wrong with it, regular maintenance can be done by you, the driver. and depending on where you live, you might want to check the statistics for cars stolen in your area.

Q: How much do Honda Civics cost in Indiana?
Planning to come home soon (my home is in Elkhart, Indiana)…and Looking for a car, I was wondering how much Honda Civics cost in Indiana, Im talking about the 1992-1995 ones, The EG Civics, i prefer Hatchbacks…Was just wondering how much would they cost there for the car in a good condition?

Reasons why I would like a Civic is of fuel efficiency they have, and plus they are okay…


A: look around at your local conveniance stores for an Indiana Auto Car and Truck magazine. great place to start. also do a yahoo auto search and give your location, itll then list all cars in your local area that are for sale.

Q: What’s the difference between the eg hg or ej Honda civics ex?
ibhav a Honda 1994 Honda ciivc and when I’m shopping online foe parts it says it will fit the eg’s even though I selected the right model and year. will they fit?my first vin.# are 2hgej. What do these mean?

A: EG/ HG/ EJ are chasis codes…
EG is 1992-1995 hatchbacks
EJ is 1996-2000 sedans

never heard of HG tho.

many parts are interchangable on honda cars (honda/ acura). they share many of the same motors and many parts are motor specific. so it is not uncommon to find an aftermarket part that will work on a few different models.

Q: What is the best online forum for Honda Civics?
I have a honda civic and want to join a decent forum. What is the best one?

A: – Best – Second Best – Thrid best – Fourth
Idk any other ones. I think Honda-Tech is the best though. :)

Q: how much mileage on average can honda civics last?
whats the highest mileage you have heard of for a honda civic?

A: 90 civic w/ 278,000 thats when it begain to smoke.Replaced rings,bearings valve job and she getting close to 350,000 Believe it or not

Q: what are the differences between the 2006-2008 models of honda civics to the 2009 model?
I want a 2009 Honda Civic Coupe (baby blue), but i don’t know how much they go for nowadays to start. My main question though is what does the 2009 model have that the 2006, 2007, and 2008, don’t have? Thanks!

A: Here’s a list of the (few) differences.

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