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1970 dodge challenger for sale

A: check this web site out they have them sometimes,and their usually pretty reasonable on price also,good luck,,
Q: Question on 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T with power windows rear defrost and power disc brakes. How rare is it??I have the car for sale on ebay item #280161415338. My build sheet list these items but I can’t [...]

toyota tacoma for sale

A: Good God ! WHY ?!
Q: Im looking for a Toyota Tacoma for sale in California. Prefer 1998-2001 model.?My husband and I have been looking for a GOOD RUNNING Toyota Tacoma, The color doesnt matter we just need something more gas effiecient for us, but we still want a truck. If anyone has any ideas [...]

67 mustang for sale

A: Try looking around local newspapers first so you can actually drive out and test drive the car and inspect it. Ebay is good but pictures are not always accurate, be careful for rust buckets. Craigslist is also a good search look around and compare prices because fastbacks are high in price.
Q: 67/68 [...]

ford ranger

A: if its got a 4-banger, ur gonna kill the mileage…. there under powered from the showroom
Q: ford ranger?how come my 88 ford ranger with a 2.3L and a 5-speed manual gets the same MPG as a new 08 ranger with the same thing.
A: Don’t Know, because you don’t have the same engine. [...]

dodge challenger for sale

A: there’s a few on this site for sale with some information on them also,good luck on it
Q: When will the new Dodge Challenger be available for sale to the public?I’m waiting on the new Camaro, and I like the Mustang GTs, but the Challenger is definetely an option…..hehe
A: My husband is standing on [...]

jeep cherokee

A: It really is hard to say where it is leaking from,you will have to get down there and visually inspect it while the car is running IN PARK! If you are lucky, it is leaking from the transmission pan, which is a low cost fix. How many miles are on it? It may be [...]

honda civic for sale

Is it a good deal? it does have alot of miles on it, but I know that hondas last a little bit longer usually
It is is good condition, it has a body kit on it
A: This really depends on the trim level (ie: DX, LX, EX) also it will depend on the maintainance records. Hondas [...]

subaru wrx

A: You won’t regret buying the WRX STI.
When you open up the throttle on the freeway and fly past anything in front of you lol. You will even give those Holden Monaro’s a run for their money.
But if it’s too expensive you will be happy with the WRX, that’s the middleman. Below Impreza WRX is [...]

volkswagen beetle

I always wanted a bug but couldn’t afford one when I was looking for my first car. Everyone told me what great cars they are and how long they last, I finally bought a 2001 Beetle which I love driving. I stumbled across some old reviews and they don’t look to great. What do you [...]

1969 corvette for sale

Q: Where are the vin numbers on a 1969 corvette?I have a 1969 Corvette Stingray, was crashed by my dad. He left it to me in his will. I want to try and fix it up but I need to find the title. I’m not even sure it has one so I’d have to [...]