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1969 corvette

A: Give Crutchfeild a call good people. They are you the net.

Q: What is the best way to remove paint from the body of a 1969 Corvette?
We have a 1969 Chevy Corvette and we’re in the process of restoring it. What is the best way to remove paint from the body? It is fiberglass. I’ve heard of people media blasting, sanding, stripping, etc. Whats the best and SAFEST way to remove paint from this fiberglass body? Another quick question, what color is the raw fiberglass on these cars? also if any of you have any pictures of good information that we could use to help us along the way we would really appreciate it.
what about soda blasting?

A: Sanding. Media Blasting since fiberglass is so soft, will totally screw up the surface as the media will not be able to tell the difference between paint and fiberglass. Sanding. Stripping solutions could also mess with the integrity of the fiberglass and give you more problems than you imagined. Also once you get it stripped completely, contact a good body shop that works with fiberglass, or a Corvette shop if there is one in your area. You will need to rework any areas with Spider Cracks, and older fiberglass gets dried out and needs to be reworked before you prime and paint it again. In other words, check with some shops for sure to see what you need to do to restore the life back into the fiberglass.
It is usually white or kind of cream in color. If you have black areas or anything like that, someone has probably patched it with marine materials.
I would suggest finding a Corvette Club near you and contacting them, and you will be surprised at the pointers they can give you, and where they can refer you to find other things. Parts, etc. You might be interested to know that the ‘69 also offered Seven (7) engine options. They were:

Base Engine: 350 cid with 300 horsepower @ 4800 rpm, Rochester four-barrell
Optional Engine #1: [RPO L46] 350 cid with 350 horsepower, , Rochester four-barrell
Optional Engine #2: [RPO L36] 427 cid with 390 horsepower @ 5400 rpm, Holley four-Barrell Carburetor
Optional Engine #3: [RPO L68] 427 cid with 400 horsepower, three Holley two-Barrell Carburetors
Optional Engine #4: [RPO L71] 427 cid with 435 horsepower @ 5800 rpm, three Holley two-Barrell Carburetors
Optional Engine #5: [RPO L88] 427 cid with 560 horsepower @ 6400 rpm, Holley four-Barrell Carburetor
Optional Engine #6: [RPO L89] 427 cid with 435 horsepower, Holley four-Barrell Carburetor
Optional Engine #7: [RPO LZL1] 427 cid with 430 horsepower, Holley four-Barrell Carburetor aluminum manifold

Q: Where are the vin numbers on a 1969 corvette?
I have a 1969 Corvette Stingray left to me in my father’s will. He crashed it and we were supposed to rebuild it together but now I have to myself. I can’t find the Vin’s on it, or the title, so where are vins. This car has no doors, and the vin numbers are NOT:
not on the winshield
not on the door jam
not on the engine
where are the other places they can be?

A: check on the frame …passenger side?

Q: 1969 Corvette–What size aftermarket speakers will fit behind the kick panels–and what would sound best?
I’m going to be using a stock-looking radio that has upgraded/updated circuitry, and I’d like to use the best speakers that will fit the spaces behind the kick-panels in my 1969 Corvette. Is 4×6 the largest that will fit, or something larger? Since it’s just two speakers and I only want to do this once, cost is less of an issue. What would you recommend as the best-sounding modern speakers that would fit? Thank you very much!

A: Front speakers
Dash: 4×6″
Kick Panel: 4×6″

Rear speakers
Rear Deck: 6×9

Those are the sizes. Any aftermarket speakers of htose sizes will do (Pioneer, Alpine, etc.). But since you will be hooking them up inside the trunk and not to an external amp, look for speakers that have an RMS value of 30 or lower (most speakers do not go below 20). If you do not know what I’m talking about, the RMS value is the most watts you should give a speaker for it to play at it’s full potential. You should go to, and look up those size speakers. when shopping, pay attention to how many RMS watts it takes to power a speaker.

Q: Is soda blasting a good way to strip remove the paint on a 1969 Chevy Corvette?
I have a 1969 chevrolet corvette and we are in the process of restoring it. I have been researching different ways to remove the paint that is currently on the fiber glass body. Is soda blasting a good method? If you have any experience with soda blasting, what are the down sides to it? If it is a good method of paint removal, about how much would it cost to get the body soda blasted (everything except the front clip)?

A: Soda blast is a good way because it will not dig into the fiberglass. The only other way is to sand it all down by hand. Not sure of any down sides, never used it before. It will be harder to find someone that does soda blasting, its still kind new. Most places do sandblasting for around $60 to $90 an hour. So it could be expensive.

Q: How do you turn off the flashers in a 1969 corvette if the button is broke in the on position?
I tried removing the flasher unit on the driver side located next to the fuse panel, but my regular turn signals stopped working then as well. I was told the directional turn signals and the flashers ran off to seperate fuses but its seeming like this is not the case, any help would be greatly appreciated.

A: i have had that problem with my gmc jimmy and couldnt fix it at the time so what i did was got a screw and held it down and put the screw down inside it on the corner and tighten it alittle and it stays down and cant use it unless i remove the screw try that

Q: How much should I sell my 1969 Corvette for?
The car has less than 40,000 miles, it has all original parts with matching numbers, it’s automatic and has a new battery.

The paint job is awful, but the car has all papers and has only had one owner.

A: I will take it off your hands for 50$

Check with a classic appraisal expert, as that car restored is worth some major bank, so knowing where to set a price for it has a lot more factors than what you listed here.

Q: how do i know if i have the base 1969 corvette 350 or the L46?
i ran the numbers on the block but all the websites just say “1969 350 300/350 hp”, how can i tell if its the L46?

A: on the firewall copy down the VIN and look it up online that should tell you.

Q: I would like to buy a 1969 Corvette with a bady in a good condition. Could I find one 10 years from now?
NOT pimped, tuned, or customized.
I meant body with “bady”(sorry).

A: What’s a “bady”?

Q: What can I swap from a 2008 Corvette to a 1969 Firebird?
I have in storage a 1969 Firebird, and just recently purchased a 2008 Corvette which was salvaged due to a hit to the side. Everything is in good order other than the passenger door and roof. I would like to take advantage and swap anything possible that might be bolt on.

A: You could swap the whole drivetrain, with some modification.
That would be wicked.

Q: How do I change the power steering fluid in my 1969 Corvette? (350/300 engine)?
I just bought it, and the car is making noise when I steer. Please assume I don’t know 1) where the reservoir is and 2) what type of fluid I should be using.

Thank you very, very much!!

A: The reservoir is part of the pump.

Look on front, driver’s side of engine. Down lower, you will see a thing with a belt on it. Thats your power steering pump. Look on top of the pump and you will see a round cap. Twist it counter clockwise and it will come off.

It has a line on it that says full hot. Pour dextron/mercon auto transmission fluid in it untill the level reachs the full hot mark.

Now the noise could be a loose power steering belt, (just needs tightening) or a worn belt that needs replacing.

Could be low on fluid.

Or alot of chevys will make a noise when you turn the teering full lock (as far one way as you can) then stop once you turn wheel alittle more straight

Q: How much is my 1969 Corvette worth?
It’s all original with matching numbers.
It’s a automatic T-Top.
The paint is bad.
It’s only had one owner and has all original papers.
It has less than 30,000 miles.
The only thing new on it is the battery.

I’m just looking for a general price range.

A: Without a picture, it is hard to tell.
I would guess between $5000 and $15000
Unless you are willing to spend a lot of money on a good paint job, do not paint it to sell it.

Q: why cant i find any E3 spark plugs for my 1969 corvette?
i cant find any anywhere on the internet and my local parts store dont carry them, i can find them for the 7.0L engine but not the 350, does anyone know where i could get some? or maybe even a better spark plug? and not thoose plustar ones, i know those are good but i dont have $200 for 8 lol

A: Man, let me be very up front with you. Those high dollar fancy plugs gives NO, thats zero benifits over a std plug.

I have dyno tested and track tested every plug known to man in the past 10 years. No gains in anything, in fact lost performance with a few brands

Save your money and go with std. AC delco plugs.

I drive a as some people calls it “street driven drag car” daily, I build performance engines. Everything leaves my shop with 1 of 3 brand plugs. AC delco, NGK V power, or autolite. Also same 3 types I use in my own cars

Oh and those plustar plugs, yeah they are good and they do work, but you nor I even with my 505 HP engine would see a single gain. They are based off a NHRA top fuel hemi plug from about 10 years ago or so. They store elec energy to help fire the cyl on the next compression stroke. Ok cool, good, but our engines will burn the air/fuel mixture fully with a std ign. system and plug. You’ll see a gain only if you have 14:1 or more compression and run iut up to 8,000 rpm or more

Q: How much does a 1969 Corvette Stingray goes for?

A: i restore cars for a living, including vettes. the range of prices that this car could be worth are just about endless. if it’s a junker that is in poor shape and has had a lot of modifications, it is basicaly worth whatever you can sell it for as a parts car or it’s pieces on e-bay, (which can still be a fair amount!). if it is original and has it’s papers, good options, the skys the limit, you could be talking several hundred thousand dollars for a pristine original with the right options. or for a good restoration. contact the ncrs (national corvette restoration society) they have a web site and are considered the premier corvette group. they will be able to answer your questions a little better or put you in touch with someone who can. if you don’t want to go to that much trouble, go to your local bookstore that sells magazines and look for “old car price guide” in the auto section and thumb through it, it will give you an idea, just have all the car information ready because they’ll want to know engine size, tranny type, etc., etc.

Q: What is the average top speed of a 1969 Corvette 427, with a 4-speed manual?

A: I have an old Road & Track that says 125 MPH

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