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67 mustang

A: your either not running the horn through the relay, or you have the relay wired wrong.get a should get a 12 volt – a the wire. it just momentarily completes the ground side of the relay at the wheel.

Q: how much should i pay for a 67 mustang coupe?
My neighbor is selling a 67 ford mustang coupe for 10,500
He says it has a totally rebuilt engine, a new 900 dollar dual exhaust system, and headers. As far as i know it has the 289 V8 engine. It has a very nice interior and a pretty new paint job, although i have seen one or two little spots of rust.
Is it worth it?

A: I’d never give that kind of money for a hardtop, look for a fastback.. might need a little more work, but will be worth it in the end..

Q: What kind of supercharger can i put on a 67 Mustang Coupe?
i have a 67 mustang coupe and i want more power and a better sound.
its a 302 and i want a kick and a good sound.

A: Here is a web site for info to hop your 302 over 400+hp aspirated.

Q: How much would a distributor be for a 67 Mustang?
I’m thinking about buying a 67 mustang from my boyfriends uncle. It needs a new distributor. i want to know how much i would need to invest into it. How much would it cost to buy it and have someone [who knows what they're doing] install it?

A: Distributors can be rebuilt, usually just points, condenser, rotor, by may need new bushings if wobbly. $35 parts and a hour labor. You might join a local club. Some of the members are helpful and handy when it comes to their Mustangs..

Q: How much should I try to sell my ‘67 mustang for?
I inherited a ‘67 mustang from an uncle and have been putting some money into it. This is the basic stats- Engine rebuit and c4 trans resealed 8000 miles ago. New seats, headliner, carpet, and dash (all black). New black steering wheel.
New blue paint job about a year ago. New lining in trunk and new dual exhaust.
There’s no visible rust or body damage and all the chrome trim is new. There’s no speakers or radio.
Can anyone give me a roundabout value of the car in their opinion?

A: you give a good description, but leave out the biggest details, body and engine, is it a fastback, v8?

Coupes values are determined by the investment in them, but sell for less than. Fastbacks bring full return on investment and maybe more.

you can list it local or on craigslist for a fast local sale or put it on Ebay to get top bid

without seeing it, I would guess $6000-7000 for a coupe and double that for a fastback.

Q: Whats the biggest intake I can put on a 67 mustang stock hood with 390 motor?
I have a 67 Mustang with a 390 motor, and stock hood, and was wondering if someone could tell me whats the biggest intake I can put on it?

A: Nothing radical will fit under the hood, just use a performer..from Edelbrock

Q: If I put disc brake on my 67 mustang will it change my bolt pattern?
I want to add disc brakes to my 67 mustang in the near future, but I am purchasing rims and tires now. I was wondering if the bolt pattern will change on a brake conversion kit?

A: Not if you purchase the kit with the stock bolt pattern.

Q: Is it unlikely to find a ‘67 Mustang for $6000-9000 that runs and looks great?
I am sure this is anyone’s wet dream to be able to find the little old lady who babied her Mustang and now wants to sell it but has no idea what it is worth. But does anyone know for sure that it is possible to buy a ‘67 Mustang coupe for 6-9 thousand that is in very good to great running and looking condition? Or am I smoking? How does one determine the value of these cars if there is no Kelley Blue Book on them because they are so old? I also can’t run a Carfax check on them because of the year. Any suggestions? Thank you all in advance.

A: Join a Mustang group like the one below.

As long as you aren’t picky and expect a fastback, GT or big block you can find some reasonable coupes.

watch and ebay. but be careful of shipping cost and untold rust when buying across the country. best to try to find something local. and get a Old Cars Price Guide at a book store or order it online

Q: Will a 74 mustang front disc brake system fit work on a 67 mustang?
We are converting my 67 brake system to a 5 lug and we got a brake system from a 68 mustang but we found out that the front disc brakes are from a 74 mustang and the back drum brakes are from the 68. so my question is that if we have the front disc brakes from the 74 will they fit on to my 67 mustang? and also would 67 styled rims fit on it?

A: I doubt it since they are 4 lug rotors,

check with my group..

Q: Can I put a 67 mustang fastback shell on a fox body frame?
If not, what would a 67 mustang body fit on best? Thanks.

A: Both cars are UNI-BODY construction so you can not interchange the frames BUT you can upgrade the 67 with COMPONENTS from the Fox Body. You could bolt the 5.0 which = 302 CI and use the front suspension and braking system. You could use the rear axle and trans also, it would take a bit to do but if you have a donor car you could swap a lot over, these kind of conversions are done all the time. Check with a Mustang restoration shop they have conversion kits for these.

Q: how do I remove the engine of my 67 mustang?
got a 67 mustang with an engine that needs to be overhauled, where do I start?

A: I start by taking the hood off the car.
Drain and remove radiator.
I pull the engine without the transmission but putting it back in requires a little patience. Use jack stand to support transmission.
Disconnect everything from engine.
Lift with hoist, I use the chain bolted to the manifold bolt using longer bolts.
Lift engine out and install on engine stand.
Reverse above to install.

Q: does anybody know any site where i can buy a 65-67 mustang?
i would like to find a site where they are selling old cars like a 65-67 mustang. if anybody knows of one i’d appreciate it.

A: has them.

Q: Where to find a 3 gauage pillar pod for a 67 mustang?
I am looking for a 3 guage pillar pod for my 67 mustang and have been unable to find one……. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

A: you can find those on ..

Q: will a 67 mustang coupe trunk deck lid fit a 67 cougar?
i have a 67 mercury cougar and know that mustangs and cougars can share some parts but im not sure about a deck lid. i need a replacement and want to be 100% sure a mustang deck lid will fit my cougar before i spend money on it.

A: I can’t say 100%, but my buddy had the Cougar and I had the ‘Stang, both ’67s, and I’m pretty sure that the trunk lids were the same. We used to point out how similar the cars were!

Q: How can you make a 67 Mustang handle big horsepower without a roll cage?
Or is a cage the only way to strengthen the unibody of a Mustang? I know subframe connectors are a joke on these cars. I am running 11.80’s, but it is a street car. I would like to build a chassis and drivetrain to handle (some day!) 700-800 horsepower. My body is already “rippled” from running the e.t. that I do. I’d like to make sure that car is rigid enough to prevent this in the future.

A: if you get into 10 second et’s i believe you have to have a roll cage to race. you should check out chassis specialty shops for proper chassis stiffening.

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