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ford ranger for sale

A: Over 96 and under $3k??

LOL….I have a 94 that I’ve been offered almost $5k.

Q: 1998 Ford Ranger For Sale Anyone live or near N.E.Florida?
I have a 1998 Ford Ranger for sale. I live near Jacksonville and Lake City Fl…It’s green,AC & heat, Cd player & radio, 5 spd, RUns wonderful in good cond, 92k miles,Topper,More info available asking $7,000.00 OBO E-mail serious only at
I’m selling my truck due to I can not drive with the clutch i am having problems with my left foot :o ( I really love my truck it’s a dependable little truck…I am also looking for an automatic car soon as I sell my truck…I am willing to pay someone with the help of sending anyone who buys my truck I think car sell men call it a finder fee 250.00 I will pay & thank U for keeping me in mind :o )
I say it’s a 4 and a half cyl…lol it has 6 spk plugs but they say it’s a 4 cyl…

A: I have two Rangers now and Will keep an eye open for anyone down here that’s looking for a great Ford Truck and will if I can help you sell it that’s a good price sounds good will let you know , tale care hope you get what you asking

Q: How much should I sale my 1994 Ford Ranger for?
It’s red has some rust around wheels and worn out tires and the rims are getting bad nice interior the dash is cracked and arm rest is broke.The good thing is it’s good running and is a gas saver by the way it as 252,000 km on it.Don’t be scarded to give an answer.

A: two web sites and , give them a look and go from there.

Q: anyone interested in buying a 1988 ford ranger?
i have a 1988 ford ranger for sale its a GREAT runner it has low miles for the year its odometer is at 150,000 tops it needs VERY minamal work i have the part it needs…all it is is the ignition, you need to just put it in & go. price is firm at 500.00 BUT will lower it for the right buyer…. good intior, nice carpeting needs little cleaning. could use some gas…lol

A: hey i am looking to buy a car b/c i got my license and i just need a job and i am trying to find something to drive, i would love to know how low you could possibly go with that truck it sounds like a great deal so far and i would love to know more about it! so could you please contact me Michelle at 1-479-752-3782 or email me at thank you so very much!

Q: who’s got a 1984 ford ranger driveshaft for sale?

A: Check your local junkyard, otherwise go to what is, in my opinion, the best parts supplier, I am a mechanic, and purchase from them frequently. They usually have just about anything. hope this helps.

Q: Anyone Know where I can find just 1 2004 Ford Ranger Rim? For sale??

A: Here are some logical places to try, in order:

1) Local salvage yards..Rangers are a common truck so you should strike gold the first place you call. Also the cheapest way to go.
2) Ebay. Just make sure you are getting the right size…

3) Last resort.. a Ford dealer. Not cheap, but it will be brand new.

Hope this helped.

Q: 2002 FORD RANGER… well i have to type more here so it will let me post my question.?
there is a 2wd 2002 ford ranger for sale down the road from my house and the person wants 1,200 for it but i looked at inside and it’s really a dirty, it has a rip in the seat, 190,000 miles on it, and on the outside it has a good size dent in it, and the passenger door handle looked like it was falling off…. i just don’t think that the truck is worth 1,200 dollars….but i could be wrong….let me know if you think that the truck is worth 1,200 and in you don’t please tell me how much i should offer the person…THANK YOU.

A: run toto run

too many miles, not worth it

if they couldn’t be bothered to clean the inside, why would they bother to change the oil and take care of it?

Q: Is there anyone out there that has any Step Bars for a 2001-2008 Ford Ranger?(Please read details)?
Is there anyone out there that has any used factory chrome Step Bars for a 2001-2008 Ford Ranger for sale or know where I might be able to buy some? I already checked with two big salvage yards in my area and they didn’t have any. The after market Westin Step Bars are nice but they have a bend in them like all the rest. I like the straight look of the factory bars. And, I was also wondering, are the holes already drilled in the frame for the step bars or do you have to drill your own? My truck is a 2004 2WD XLT.

A: Not sure where you can get any. I put some step bars on my 06 F150 and yes the holes are already there. I would buy new to make sure you get all the hardware you need along with the diagram as to where the holes are. Mine were covered up my some black tape-like stuff. By the way the underside of the truck is black. I would have never known they were there. Very very easy and fast to install if you get them…

Q: why dont they sale the 4 full size door ford ranger here in the USA?
i no they do in mexico there is a guy up the road that has a 4 door ford ranger looks really nice and no its not an extend cab its 4 full size doors i no if they sold them here people would buy them this year is going to be the last year for the ford ranger but it will be comeing back so they say but it wont look the same well whoever can tell me gets 10 points thanks alot.

A: Okay, first of all, they’re not discontinuing the Ranger. Ford has been saying that they’re going to phase it out for the past 5 years, then they change their mind.

But, they don’t sell it because the cost vs. demand for that style of truck just isn’t there. It’s like that Blazer/S10 combo GM did a few years back which went over like a lead balloon.

Q: I have a 1978 ford ranger 351 cleavland engine for sale whats the best price i can get for it?

A: No 351 Cleveland in ‘78

1974 was last year of production for the Cleveland engines.

A Close Relative Based on the Cleveland was the 351M,,aka “351 Modified”.

The term Modified meaning VARIATION.

The 400M and the 351engime are “same”,,,like siblings.

the 351C and 351M /400M are more like Cousins

“Public Opinion” was Extremely Low on 351M/400M at their introduction,,and most of their life.

Theye were sorta of a Disappointment Performamnce -wise compared to actual 351C’s

In all truth & reality,,,the Ford MODIFIEDS are excellent engines for their intended applications.
Millions have more than proven themselves over gazillions of miles.


The Clevelands are TREASURES,,Classics,Collectors Items.
And priced accordingly

The Modifieds,,,,are sorta “dime a dozen”.
Very high production numbers,,and in production till recent history.
There’s an abundance of them,,,and a low demand.

The typical.average 351-M can be found for little as $250~300,,
a documentable Low Mileage one Might get $500~700.

Inordinately Low Priced engines in used market.
They go for less $$$ than the cost of basic parts to rebuild one.

Crazy,,and a shame,,,but there’s just sooo many out there filling a slow/low demand

Hope that helps,,,and Good Luck !

Q: Wheel Spacers for a 94-99 Ford Ranger 2WD?
I Have a set of wheel spacers for a 94- 99 ford ranger 2wd for sale. I am looking to sell?? anyone have any idea how or who i could sell them too… I ebay’d them twice… no hits

A: When you go to list these spacers, make sure to put the width and bolt pattern on the ad plus a good picture.
Good luck.

Q: Any info about the 2000 Ranger?
I’m looking at a 2000 ford ranger for sale and just wondering what people have to say about it. it’s a 4×4 and the xlt package. it has 162k miles on it.

what’s good, bad, likes, dislikes, performance, mpg, and whatever else about it. thanks everyone!

A: Good little trucks as someone said can be underpowered sometimes unless it has a 4.0

They last many miles however with 162,000 miles on it, unless you know the owner, are willing to pay for a mechanic to inspect, or getting it for cheap, I’d pass as 4×4 stuff easily breaks and can run the value of the truck if not mechanically inclined at times

Q: ford ranger?
does anybody no where i can get a ranger with or without a frame I would like an early model around 1983 to1987 if you have one that you would sale to me butit would have to be close to louisiana or be able to deliver to me for a fee obviosly

A: you should put a cammed up 302 in that sucker.

Q: I have a 92 Ford Ranger, but don’t know how much to sale it for?
I have a ford ranger it has some problems…..
it needs 3 tires replaced. it needs a new fresh air intake hose (which is $60 new at a ford dealership). It needs new brakes for the front which is $20 at auto zone and needs new roters for the front which is $40 at auto zone. the airconditioner and heater work but the knob was broken off. and the tailgate latch is broken and wont come down, I think it just need put back in. and there is some pareas on the top of the tailgate where the primer is showwing. ok that is all that is wrong with it but I did just put in a new starter new battery and battery connectors I also put in a flowmaster muffler and made it from a one exhaust to a duel exaughst. what should I sale it for?

A: Check the Kelly Blue Book recommended price.

Q: I have a 1994 ford ranger, supercab 103,000 or so mile for sale in AZ?
it is a green color and we would like $5,500.00
let me know if your interested. it is well used and very loved.

A: Do those still catch fire without warning or did they find the problems?

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