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A: wow u gota big budget…ur set..u tryin 2 go big get urself a 99-00 SI and with the rest of da money tune it…dat b16a2 will go far with some money invested…or get urself a 91-95 ex nd swap da d16z6 with any b series…make sure it has vtec..and it fits the bay without 2 much modifications…and ur set…and w.e u have left…get more performance parts..u dun really need a spoiler and a big muffler tip unless u want it…many people mite call u a “ricer’ for having such thats all up 2 u

Q: honda civic?
iight guys this is the whole thing i gotta honda civic 95 and its automatic, how much would i need to convert it to a stick shift??? or is there a shop that i can have it done?????

A: no it does not go to another place to answer ?’s it will cost as much as the junkyard will sell it for no more then 700 the only thing is you will need to buy a new clutch i would not get it from a junkyard everything bolts right up except the shift linkage you will need to drill 2 holes on the bottom of the car after you take the auto assembly out but other than that your good the 92-95 civics should already have the bracket there for the clutch pedal so good luck

Q: honda Civic?
Is their any way to make my 2001 honda civic go faster without having to buy parts?

A: take out the passenger seats… and dont put anything in the trunk… This will make your car lighter… which makes it faster.

Q: Honda civic?
Does anyone know when you should replace shocks on a 2000 Honda Civic?

A: They don’t have shocks, they have struts and they last a long time. Check them by driving down the street and see if it bounces as you drive if not then don’t worry about them. If you look under the car at the strut (inside the big spring) and see any fluid running down the strut then they are leaking and have to be changed

Q: Will my little Honda Civic make it from the Midwest to Washington?
I have a 2000 Honda Civic and am planning a move from St Louis to Washington next month. I would like to just take my car and some belongings, but I worry about the car making it through the mountains. Any thoughts?

A: it should make it as long as its been looked after and has decent tyres.
if you are really nervous about it do some checks on it like check the oil and water levels.
if you dont know much about cars ask a mechanic to do the checks first before setting off.

Q: I have an 89 honda civic and I need to convert the injectors from 2 to 4, How can i do it?
I have a 89 honda civic and I bought a vtech engine that came from 94 civic. The 89 civic is 2 injectors and the 94 civic is 4 injectors. What do I have to buy, and how do i Install it in order to convert it from 2 to 4 injectors?

A: I dont remember hondas having 2 injectors or throttlebody injection. but I’ll try to work with the info you gave me. YOu will need the entire engine wiring harness and the computer to run the 4 injectors. step by step intructions are too complicated to put here. You could have picked an easier project like building a bridge to hawaii. I think you got in a little too deep

Q: Why wont my 1989 Honda Civic start without rolling down a hill to pop the clutch?
My 1989 Honda Civic will not start without rolling down a hill to pop the clutch. I thought it might be the battery, but once I chnaged it, the car did the same thing. Does that mean the clutch has gone bad or is it something else?

A: It could be anything except what you mentioned. Obviously, the clutch and transmission and engine is working great.

Could be just about anything in the charging/starting system. Starter, battery, alternator, switches, or other things. I’d start simple. If you “jump start” the car, does that work? I’d try that and if it works you know the starter and switch is good. If you can’t jump start it then it’s the starter/solenoid, (probably) or maybe a bad wire or switch.
If it does start when “jumped” then I’d suspect the battery. The alternator is a possibility, but you said you charged the battery, so if it was a bad alternator, (causing the battery to go flat due to lack of charging current) then charging the battery would have fixed it temporarily. So that would leave the battery. Even though you applied a charge to it, that doesn’t mean it did charge up. In fact, that’s the definition of a bad battery.
I’ve heard of other more esoteric problems such as faulty switches in the transmission or things like that, so if all the obvious things check out OK then you have to start digging. Good luck

Q: How long did your Honda Civic last before having major problems?
How long (in both miles AND years) did your Honda Civic last, before having major mechanical problems? Please also indicate whether you live in a snowy area or in a place like California where the conditions favor car longevity.

A: we have a 2001 accord (basically the same as a civic) and it has 185,000 miles and counting. there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with it. we live in michigan (snow land). i’d drive it to south america tomorrow if needed. it’s been such a good car to us.

Q: Is the 2010 Honda civic in the same size class as the 2010 Honda accord?
I am trying to persuade my parents into saving more money by buying a Honda civic. I showed them that the gas mileage is better for the civic. Also the starting price is 6,000 dollars cheaper. The last thing I can do to convince them is the safety. How does the safety compare? Are they even in the same class for size? Please help me convince my parents to buy a civic and not an accord!

A: don’t listen to the first guy, he’s a moron. the Civic is a compact, the Accord is a mid-size. the Civic has cheaper insurance and better gas mileage, it used to be a target for theft 10 years ago but not so much recently. as for safety, it may not be as safe as an Accord, but it will still save you in an accident. I walked away from a head-on collison while driving a 2000 Civic, that should be good enough for anything.

Q: Is it honda civic model changing in 2009?
Please somebody let me know weather honda civic model is going to change in UAE in 2009.Cozzz am planning to go for HONDA CIVIC.

A: Umm…car manufacturers (actually most major manufacturers of any technological product) continuously update and release new models/upgrades each year so whatever you do, there’s bound to be new stuff released all the time.

Q: How far can a Honda Civic and a Prius go on Electric mode?
How many miles can a Honda Civic and a Prius go when the battery is fully charged. (civic hybrid and prius hybrid car)

A: Hi,

stay with me and I’ll give you the full answer.

Actually, both vehicles are “full hybrids” meaning they can run under electric-only mode for short distances at low speeds.

The Civic was just upgraded to a full hybrid in 2006, but the Prius has always been a full hybrid.

The Prius system will take you further, up to 25 miles in stop and go traffic, with the regenerative braking system. And the Prius will go faster, up to 25 mph, with careful acceleration.

The Civic system is not able to do either of those marks. It uses Honda’s hybrid system called the “Integrated Motor Assist” and it’s mostly designed to boost the gas engine, not run on electric mode for any length of time.

Essentially, you have two different vehicles. The Prius is a mid-sized sedan that is more equal to a Camry or Accord for features, technology, price, and comfort. The Civic is a compact and is on the same level as a Corolla for features, tech (excluding the IMA), price and comfort.

Not to say either is better than the other for what they do. They are just different, just as the Civic is to the Accord or the Corolla is to the Prius.

One last note, Prius sold in Europe and Asia come with an “EV” mode button. Pressing that button disables the gas engine for city driving. That is where the 25 mph/25 miles distance come into play.

We don’t have that ability here in the US because our driving conditions are too different from theirs to justify having it here. Basically, we drive longer distances in our urban environments and Americans drive faster over those long distances and would overcome the EV mode too easily. (We also don’t get the auto parking option that the Prius’ over there have (similar system on Lexus GS here in the US) because thier parking is so much tighter there on average.)

The Civic isn’t available with an EV mode at all, here or there.

BTW, to answer the previous post…

Computer system updates / changes / etc. for the Prius are covered by Toyota during the 8 year or 100,000 mile warranty period. And a safe bet would be that Toyota would update your Prius any time an update would be needed after that.

Every manufacturer has computer upgrades, even Volkswagen.

And as far as less parts go, Prius have no throttle cables (electronic acceleration), no steering pumps or steering belts (electronic steering), no starters, no alternators, no distributors, each cylinder is individually controlled with it’s own fuel injector, a sealed CVT so no regular transmission, and with the regenerative barking system, you should never have to replace the brake pads because the generator does almost all of your braking.

Anyway, if you’d like any more details, read my other posts or contact me.

Q: What other engines would fit my 2000 honda civic if i wanted to engine swap?
Hi i am looking to engine swap my 2000 honda civic (coupe) and don’t know what other engines fit its body. Like what engines from other stock cars and/or and turbo or improved engines made for the civic are there?

A: Any engine will fit any car. i have seen a CRX (really small honda) with a V8 in it. it was a beast. i would go with the K20 as well or second choice a B18, or H22. all three are great engines.

Q: What is the difference between a Honda civic and Honda Prelude? What’s better for upgrading for performance?
I love both the Honda Prelude and Civic hb and plan on getting one of the two soon. I want to have a car that has a lot of options as far as upgrading the performance of the car. Which car would be better for that? I preferably want to stay with Honda, but are there any other cars that are specifically good for what I want that may not be Honda?

A: i would say honda civic. the prelude is more powerfull but kinda heavy. consider also the acura, i mean RSX. honda has a huge following, so aftermarket will always be available….search websites to see how much modifications will cost for each car. that might help you decide which is more bang for the buck. also, keep in mind that the accord had a larger engine, but the v6 only came with an automatic.

Q: Is it possible to convert my Honda civic by using an electric forklift motor?
I have heard recently that it was possible to convert my Honda Civic by taking out the traditional gas engine and replacing it with an electric motor from a forklift. Ever hear of someone actually doing this? Typical cost? What level of expertise do you need?

A: Given the extreme labor and cost, plus the size of the battery, forget it. Too many factors to consider, like what gear ratio, how to transmit power to the rear or front wheels, where to place the large batteries, and just how many miles would a charge provide?
Taking the drive train out of ther fork lift would be fine, if 5mph or less would satisfy your needs. In that case, just remodel the fork lift and forget the conversion.

Q: Honda Civic Door Gasket Starting to Fall off. How can I BEST stick it back on?
I have a 2001 Honda Civic LX 2-Door. The passenger side door gasket is falling off. It dangles and gets caught in the door. Some moisture gets in and also there is a wind noise issue on the expressway. Anyhow, could someone recommend a good adhesive and technique to get the gasket fully back on the door? Pro and expert answers only please; I could think of paste, superglue, etc on my own. Thanks for your help!

A: Use 3M weather strip adhesive. It is great stuff.

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