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jeep cherokee for sale

A: Although I don’t have a jeep for sale, have you tried the advertizing paper called the “Iwanna” in Greenville? I live close to there and I know that the “Iwanna” paper oftentimes has a wide variety of cars for sale. Hope this helps.

Q: How many miles can a Jeep Cherokee last?
I saw this 97 Jeep Cherokee for sale and its only $1800. It has 134,000 miles on it. Everything but the windshield is in good condition. Should i buy it?

A: Who knows take that car to any mechanic he will check the car and will tell you if its good or not

Q: 1991 Jeep Cherokee for sale should i buy?
I’ve always wanted a Jeep and I found one for $750. It handled great on the road in the 10 minutes I drove it. The only problems I know of are a knocking/clicking sound when you start it up. She said a mechanic told her it was the lifter. The other one is the oil filter is REALLY REALLY oily and i don’t know if that’s a problem or not. I am looking for this to be my main driver is it worth the gamble or should i pass?

A: what do you expect for 750 bucks sounds like a headache remember buy as is law once you buy it its yours no matter what problems it has find a mechanic friend and bring him to look it over sound like there is a oil leak near filter and engine knocking not a good sign either maybe a rod knock would need a total engine rebuild or just valve sticking or broke head job either job is expensive but like i said what you expect for 750 filter could be oily from not ever changing the oil also woem dont take care of vehicles they think they can just get in and drive never checking fluids or doing mainenace have the vehicle looked over before you buy it

Q: 1988 Jeep Cherokee For Sale?
I Have A 5Speed 4X4 Jeep Cherokee That I Want To Sell. Should I Sell Just Parts Or The Whole Thing? The Whole Jeeep Is Primed And Runs Great!!! It Just Has A Few Minor Issues Like The Ac And Heat Stopped Turning On, Thats About It. Thanks For Answers!!!
How Much Should I Sell It For?

A: I guarantee someone will want that as a project vehicle. I would price it at $1000-$1500.

Q: Anyone have a 94 jeep grand cherokee for sale for a high school kid?
please tell me if u do have a jeep and how many miles is on it and wat ur trying to sell it for.

A: Great choice for your kid’s protection. And your pocket book.
Good Luck

Q: there is a 1999 jeep grand cherokee for sale for 2,800 but it has 286,000km on it, good price?
it seems to be in good shape with very little rust but im just wondering if its going to break down on me with so many clicks on it or if its overpriced

A: This is a nearly twelve year old vehicle with 177,000 miles on the odometer. You don’t say where you are, but since you’re talking kilometres, I’m going to assume the UK (If you’re in Canada, discount the conversion to U.S. Dollars; Canadian and U.S. dollars are virtually identical in value, right now). That makes the price you’re being offered 4,200 USD. Kelly Blue Book quotes a price of 4,000 USD from a Private Party in Good condition:
“Free of any major defects.
Clean title history, the paints, body, and interior have only minor (if any) blemishes, and there are no major mechanical problems.
Little or no rust on this vehicle.
Tires match and have substantial tread wear left.

A ‘good’ vehicle will need some reconditioning to be sold at retail.
Most consumer owned vehicles fall into this category.”

That said, I’d look hard at this vehicle before buying it. “Fair” condition drops the Private Party price down to 3,400 USD. My personal opinion of Jeeps is not high. They’ve made almost nothing really new in 40 years. The rear doors are practically impossible to get into, they’re so narrow. Jeep transmissions are known for failure. Grand Cherokees are Cherokees for more money, and the new Commanders are Grand Cherokees for even more.

Q: Does anyone have any aftermarked jeep cherokee things for sale??????????????

A: Try they have just about everything you can screw or glue to a Jeep.

Q: thinking about buying a jeep cherokee?
i saw a used 88 jeep cherokee for sale for $ has new inline6 engine with 60k miles.what’s really nice is it has 6in. lifted suspension w/ 35 in. dad thinks it’s a bad idea but idk i want it really bad.any advice on whether it’s worth it or not.i’m not heavily educated on vehicles

A: That’s a pretty good deal, if you think about it. It is an 1988 model so it has lasted a long time. But, if you are thinking about buying it, I would most definately get it checked by a liscensed mechanic because for a jeep to be that cheap with a new engine something is almost garenteed to be wrong with it or something is going to go wrong with it.
Jeeps tend to have a lot of problems with electrical or mechanical parts. Ask to test out the vehical or if you aren’t of age, ask your dad to…check EVERYTHING – turn on/off lights, lock and unlock doors, check it at all speeds, check turn signals and stops. Also, check the MPG, you might find that you don’t want it after you find out the MPG and the price to fill up the tank.
Also, with a lift kit on a jeep I would most definately recommend you take it off if you are new to driving Jeeps. Jeeps tend to be top heavy and are easily flip able and with a lift kit that multiplies the flipablity.
If your dad says that its a bad idea, I would trust your dad’s advice. But, you never know, if you let him drive it around and test it for himself he might change his mind. But remember, if you aren’t used to driving jeeps and you tend to drive recklessly a 6″ lift on it will make the jeep even more dangerous – I would concider taking the lift off and making a tiny profit by selling it.
If you have any more questions, feel free to email me, I know a lot about jeeps. My sources say it all. My email is:

Q: Who wants to buy a Jeep Cherokee?
I have a 1986 Jeep Cherokee for sale. Its a dark grey with a black c-stripe down the sides. 3 speed tranny with a 2.8L engine. Interior is in great condition with after market radio and door and rear hatch speakers. Limosine tint with aftermarket Black racing wheels. E-mail for questions. I have all receipts for every single reapir made on the car. Asking price is 1,500.

A: An 86 for 1500,maybe 15.00.I had a Jeep Cherokee,what a P.O.S.

Q: 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo for sale!!!?
I have a 1995 Forest Green Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo for sale. It has Air, Tow Package, Leather Seats, Cd Player, Rebuilt Transmission, 1 Year old tires. It has 188thousand some miles. It has no rust. It runs great! It has had regular tune up’s. I have 3 kids and now need a miny Van. If you are interested please email me at

A: Hi, your Cherokee sounds like its in great condition. The only draw back is the age (12yrs old) and mileage. I’d be happy to help you get into a minivan with that trade in. We’re located in New England, and have sold vehicles around the country. I have Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles. If you want to talk more and figure out some options, email me.

Q: Is 202k miles on a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee high?
I am looking at a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited for sale in the classifieds and they are asking about the Kelly Blue Book value. What is the average life of a Cherokee and what are the pros and cons?

A: 202k is high for anything. How long it will last will depend on a lot of things….like what has been replaced by previous owners….how well it was taken care of generally….and whether the mileage was city or highway mileage……..but chances with 202k it is going to need much more repair and replacement work than something with 80k on it.

Q: Hey there! I’m looking for a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4×4 for sale. Want to buy. Magenta, Purple, or Pink?
Looking for the color Magenta (dark purplish pink). Anyone got one for sale or know of one for sale? Needs to be in very good to mint condition.
Magenta (dark purplish-pink) is a factory color exclusive to the 1996 Cherokee Sport and some of the Wranglers. I had one, sold it, regret it terribly. WANT ANOTHER ONE BADLY!

A: That doesn’t sound too common of a color so I think you’ll end up buying a Jeep and having it painted yourself.

Q: pre registered 2006/56 jeep grand cherokee;s for sale?

A: Good for you, why don’t you try the classified section of your local newspaper?

Q: Alternator for a Jeep Cherokee?
A Jeep Cherokee is for sale for $300. It needs a battery and an alternator.
Is this a good deal?

How much would it cost me for an alternator and the service for a 1988 Jeep Cherokee? With a battery?

You can call locally for an estimate for replacing the two!
Some of the auto parts stores will change your battery for free if you buy it from them! Just call and ask them!
I would guess about $75 – $100 for changing the alternator.

Q: 1994 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE..GOOD CAR?!?!!?!?!?1??!?
i found a 94 jeep grand cherokee for sale
it has 101,000 miles on it

ill be using it to get to and from my college classes (30 mins away, 4-5 times a week)
ill need it to last me for at leastttt 2 years, and i dont want to buy something that will “nickel and dime” me
and it must be dependable

ive heard good things..but also bad

HELP ! ! !

go for it???

forget it???

what should i do?!?!?!!?


A: WAY too many variables.

Here’s an equally poor question: Hey, I found a person, and I hope they’re in good shape, and won’t get sick for 2 years, are they dependable?

Who’s to say? Depends on their health now, depends on how they take care of themselves, etc.

How have those 101k miles been accomplished?

How well was it maintained?

How well do YOU intend to maintain it?

Etc, etc.

Your question will have no solid answer, because it’s simply impossible to guess.

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