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A: No, 4 cyl and 6 cyl are not compatable for parts.

Q: toyota tacoma??
I need to buy a toyota tacoma between 1995 and 1999 can anyone please let me know if you have any info on one and please no craiglist i already checked.

A: Try these sites.

i got an 05 toyota tacoma for for my fist car. about how much will it cost me to lift it up about 2 inches? and can any mechanic do it? oh and will it mess anything up? like shox?

A: Depends on the type lift?
A body lift would be easier and cheap(er) if you are going 2″ and will allow for bigger tires. The cost of the body lift is about $150.00 I’d just go ahead and do 3″ since they make 2″, and 3″ body lifts.

I paid 150.00 for my lift on a 1999 Tacoma. (I now have a stock 2005 Tacoma)

A suspension lift would be more expensive, but it will get the frame of the truck higher off the ground 2″. It will cost around $1,250.00

As for labor, you will need to find a place that 4×4 off road work
if you are going body lift. Most big name brand shops don’t fool with body lifts. I did 3 body lifts on Toyota Tacomas, Labor is about 6-7 hours.

As for the suspension lift, some Auto shops do them.
But they’ll only do them if you buy the parts from them.
Labor is the same for a suspension also.Around 7 hours.

Q: Toyota Tacoma ?
Hi, i am seriously thinking about purchasing an 06 or 07 Tacoma double cab with the 4.0 v6. Does anone have any comments or complaints about this truck? Also has anyone used it for towing? I currently own a 98 f-150 4×4 and occasionally use it to tow my Mustang and trailer to the track. It roughly has the same h.p. rating as the Tacoma but torque output i’m unsure of. Has anyone towed a vehicle with the Tacoma, if so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Sorry forgot that little detail, it’s the 4.6

A: Your Tacoma will tow your mustang just fine, The 4.0 is a very strong engine, you do realize that you are going from a full size truck to more of a compact truck so the towing behavior will be different. You may be a little disappointed with the fuel mileage, but the strong performance will make up for that. Not sure if you have a 4.6 or 5.4 in your F150. I say for occasional towing you will be fine. Toyota quality is far superior, and they are great looking trucks.

Q: How much would it cost to get toyota tacoma completely fitted out approximately?
Might be getting a toyota tacoma 1997-2003, 4×4, with extended cab. How much would it cost to get it completely fitted out im talkin 3 inc lift, swamper tires, winch, toolbox, all the good stuff. Even if i got everything the cheapest i could give me an approximate.(also i would like more suggestions for wat to get those are just things off the top of my head.

A: You should probably check the frame to make sure it’s not rusting in half like Tacoma’s do, before you go getting it “outfitted” with “swamper tires” and a lift kit.

Q: What are the best modifications for a 99 toyota tacoma?
I just bought a ‘99 Toyota Tacoma with the TRD package. Can anyone tell me what some good modifications are as far as air intakes, headers, etc.? I’m especially looking for people who have already done these modifications and what kind of gains they got from them.

A: I don’t have a Tacoma but I had a T-100 and I have a 2001 Tundra that I bought new, Both of these trucks were used to deliver Mail I put the equivalent of 380,000 miles on the T-100 and then I bought the Tundra and I put the equivalent 500,000 miles on it. These are not real mills but are taken from a clock in either case both vehicles were operated for under $1000 for a 4 year period of time each, before them I drove Fords and my cost of keeping them on the road was between $12,000 and $18,000 for a like amount of time only not going as far, more like 340,000 for the four year time frame. It is yours and your choice but if I was you I would keep it just the way it is. I drove 24 new Fords before I bought my first Toyota and now I wouldn’t let you park one in my drive way.

Edit note; I wish that Fords were near as good but I am sorry they just aren’t, I counted on my truck to earn a living

Q: Toyota Tacoma, if it fails test, can dealer trade you a car right then and there then receive check?
Also, what ar ethe percentages of these Tacomas failing. 99 Toyota Tacoma here, taking it in this week.

A: I assume that you are talking about the frame rust thing. If you live in the rust belt, Chicago, Detroit etc. the chances are pretty good it may fail. Call your dealer and ask him what your options are. I have heard that some trucks are just getting new frames now.

Q: How do I get anywhere with a complaint against a Toyota Tacoma rusty frame?
My 2005 Toyota Tacoma with 55k miles has a rusty looking frame. It is not rusted through, just really ugly start for a 3-4 year old truck. I called Toyota and checked for recall with my Vin# and nothing was recalled. They told me to go to a dealer and have them check it out. Any advice on what I can do in adition to this?

A: Go to a dealer and have them check it out.

Q: what is the best combination for a sound system in a toyota tacoma truck?
Im getting a toyota tacoma, and im wanting to put a sound system in it, with good quality sound. Im wondering what type and what size speakers i should get and what amp to go along with it?

A: If you’re new to car audio, you probably dont know something that you should. JL Audio makes the best of everything. Speakers, amps, subs, crossovers, EVERYTHING. It all depends on how much you want to spend.

I’d go with some nice 10″ subs to go underneath the seats or behind the rear seats. JL w3s are VERY good speakers. You could get a nice $150 alpine deck and a kenwood amp for around $500 total.

email me with questions
good luck

Q: How do you change the oil filter on a Toyota Tacoma?
I just changed the oil on my “new” 1996 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 with the 3.4L V6. That that oil filter is almost impossible to access without removing the front skid plate. Is there some special tool or technique to remove (and install) that oil filter without removing that skid plate?

A: If I can recall its a 14mm Screw that holds it in. I think theres 4 screws. If its like the 2009 Tundra, you can remove the rear bolts and bend the plate, put a piece of paper news paper and slip it underneath, slowly remove the oil filter and oil should start dripping out and hit the news paper and flow down on it into your pan or w.e your using to hold the old oil.

Q: what is the average price for a black 2004 toyota tacoma automactic?
I am going to be buying a vehicle soon and I want to get a Black 2004 Toyota Tacoma and I need to know the average cost of them. Please let me know. Thank you.


Q: How does my jeep compare to a Toyota Tacoma 4×4?
I’m just curious I have a jeep wrangler and I love it to death and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m just curious how does it compare off road to a Toyota Tacoma 4×4. Both being bone stock. I know this is probably one of those both have pros and cons type question but I’d like hear everyones opinion.

A: I have a Tacoma, it’s been a great truck and I’ve driven thousands of offroad trails without a problem. Reliability has been great, (I have an 04) and I’m sure if I decide to sell it I’ll be able to get more than a Jeep of the same year. It’s also much quieter on the road than a Jeep, and it’s comforting to know that Toyota is not going bankrupt in the next couple of months.

That being said, I imagine a shorter wheelbase, solid axel vehicle like the jeep will perform better offroad in most situations than a longer wheelbase, IFS vehicle like the Tacoma.

Q: Where can I find a front drivers side seat for a 98 toyota tacoma?
I have a 98 Toyota tacoma and I have been searching for ages for a new front drivers side seat. Can anyone tell me where the best place to find one would be or point me in the direction of one? Would the seats from a 96, 97, 99, 2000 tacoma fit the car? I really need to find this seat fast, its the last part I need to completely restore my truck.

A: What I’ve done in the past is contact the bigger or cheaper auto wreckers and compare their prices and then I’ve compared the U pick auto wreckers prices and usually I end up pulling out the seats myself.Then I clean and even soap scrub the seats , allow them to sit and dry then install them using new bolts etc if possible.

To me if you want both seats to match either you need to remove or buy two seats clean etc or have the two old seats you in it reupholstered by a auto custom upholstery shop.Really if you’ve the cash you could order new seats or even have them custom made for you.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way 100% you can buy used seats for it bec now a days most of the auto wreckers all are connected to each other via the net etc and if the wreckers in your area don’t have the part you can get them to order them for you through their contacts.

Q: Would a Toyota Tacoma be able to hold the box springs to a double/full bed?
I have to move a double/full sized bed this evening. I thought I’d only have a Ford Escape available, but now it looks like I’d have access to a Toyota Tacoma as well. Which would be better? I’m mostly concerned with the box springs since it’s the largest and most inflexible piece. Thanks!

A: you and your box springs.

yeah, they’ll fit, although they might lay sideways with one side up on the top of the side of the bed. just tie them down and all is well. the tire humps is what will be the problem, but laying sideways will be fine.

Q: How difficult is it to install A/C in a 95 Toyota Tacoma?
I’m looking at buying a 95 Toyota Tacoma. A/C was an option and the original owner did not have it installed. The bolt are there to install it but how hard would it be. I’m somewhat handy. Is this something a mechanic would have to do or what?

A: Will be cheaper to look for a truck with the AC already installed, even if you may need to have that one’s AC fixed.

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