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volkswagen beetle for sale

A: try here.

Q: Is anyone having a Volkswagen Beetle for sale in Kenya, that is in good running condition?

A: Yes, I have one for sale but yet to decide the offer price.Will let you know.

Q: Where can I find a ‘63-’72 Volkswagen Beetle for sale cheap?
I am looking for a cheap ‘63-’72 Volkswagen Beetle for sale in Fresno County, California.

they have all kinds of Vws for sale, just search for the type /year/model/ area you want and it will give you a list of VW Bugs that meets your search criteria

Q: I have a 2007 pink Volkswagen New Beetle for sale – where is the best place to list this rare find?


Q: Volkswagen 1972-1975 Super Beetle for sale??
Does anyone know where I could find a Volkswagen Super Beetle 1972-1975 for less than $5000? It doesn’t need to be restored but it needs to run. Thanks for the help

A: here ya go

Q: what is the average selling price of a 1968 volkswagen beetle?
There is a 68 vw beetle for sale down by my house that is $3800, but would it be possible to talk him down to $3000. The car is a fairly good looking car. The engine runs fine. They have custom painted it themselves using what looks like spray paint. What should the price of that vehicle be?

A: you can check ebay and see what they are going for. That is a very cool and fairly popular car. Be sure to check it over for rust.

BTW: The only way to know if he will take 3k is to offer him the money and see what he says. If that is the max you are willing to pay then walk away.

Q: Can I get a pre-1968-style bumper for a 1975 Volkswagen Beetle?
As a kid I had an obsession with the “Herbie the Love Bug” movies. Recently I found a 1975 Volkswagen Beetle for sale in town, complete with the Herbie decals – numbers and racing stripes. I’m thinking about buying it, but it is something that I’d want to improve over time. I noticed that it currently has the flat bumpers without the “over tubes” like the pre-1968 models. To me this is a defining characteristic of the Herbie character and I’m sure at some point I would want to replace these with the older style. I can’t find a definitive answer, but the sites I’ve found it seems the only bumpers available for a particular year are in the style that is consistent with the original. I guess what I want to know is if anyone makes the older style bumper that may be installed on a 1975 model.

After a bit more research I found conversion brackets on the following site, but the description says they are for ‘68 – ‘73. But I read somewhere where someone said they got pre-1968 bumpers for their ‘74 Beetle on this site. Are brackets for ‘74+ models no longer available, or is the ‘68 – ‘73 description inaccurate?

A: in 1974 they used the shock absorber bumper brackets. you would have to buy new

“Z” and “k” replacement panels for 68-73 bugs. that is unless its a super beetle. then the “k” from the list will NOT fit. supers and standards are the same from the ‘A’ frame back

Q: 1978 convertible volkswagen beetle?
theres a 1978 vw beetle for sale near to me and its for sale for $5200. Is that a good deal? the outside is in very good condition and the inside needs just minor repairs to the floor. i dont know cars so i have no idea if its a good deal or not. please help!
here’s a picture i took of the car

A: it’s too old and too expensive

your paying for the cute or novelty factor

for $4,000 you can buy a car from 1998, for $5K to $6,000 a 2000.

it’s just not worth that to anyone but a collector or someone who owned one once and wants to relive the past.

it might be a fun car for weekends or summers in Fla but not for your daily driver

Q: 1972 Volkswagen for sale?
We were at the Pasco bug jam yesterday.They set a new world record for stuffing 16 people in an old style VW beetle.However we saw out in the parking lot a 1972 VW beetle convertible for sale.It had a new motor, boot,tires and stereo.No visible rust or paint fade.They were asking $3500.00. Is this a reasonable price?

A: Only if they have ALL the paper work, like all the work orders. And if they say a friend did it well then you should have it checked over by a shop. They will tell you whats up.
Remember that if it seems to good to be true, then it is.
$3500 for a convertible is low, get it checked.

Q: How would a 1978 Volkswagen Super Beetle be on gas?
I had a Toyota Corolla but (shockingly) the engine went out in it so I’m in desperate need of a new car. There is a Super Beetle for sale near me and its going for $1,500. Theres not anything really wrong with it and its not too expensive so it would be perfect for me. I have a friend that works at a shop so if anything goes wrong with it he can fix it, so thats taken care of. My main concern, as you would guess with the rising gas prices, is a car thats not going to cost me a fortune at the pump.
About how many MPG (city, highway, on average) do you think I would get with it?

A: Probably not a whole lot. My guess would be between 14-18. Remember, those cars were popular around a time when gas prices weren’t an issue. I don’t think the ‘78 beetle’s tanks are too big either so you might be at the pump more often than most.

The mechanics and electrics on the car may not be a problem, but I wouldn’t recommend this car as a gas saver.

Q: How reliable are Volkswagen Beetles?
There is a 1999 VOLKSWAGEN NEW BEETLE GLS for sale for $5400 that I am interested in but i’m not sure if its worth the price or not. It has 147,000 miles on it and that was my biggest deciding factor. Can anyone tell me if it is worth buying and is 147,000 miles is a lot for a beetle. Thank you!

A: Too many miles, too much money. Make sure you have plenty of money for parts and repairs. Very unreliable, read the links.

Q: Im looking for a ‘63 Volkswagen Beetle that runs and is cheap?
I really want ‘63…’69…or a ‘72 Volkswagen Beetle that is legal, runs great, cheap, and is for sale in Fresno County, California. It would be my first car.

A: Being from the Bay Area and driving a VW myself, I would suggest that you will find your best shot in Craigslist. ( There are quite a few VW’s there in various states and conditions.

You should be able to find one within a 200 mile radius of Fresno easily. If you want to go further, there are a ton of them in Oregon for some unknown reason.

You should look into the car models before you buy and consider your skills. THere are subtle and expensive differences between the cars you cite.

Prior to 66 the cars were 6volt systems.. This means you will have a problem with electrical things (adding radios, accessories,, etc..).

From 71 on there were Bugs and Super Bugs.. different suspensions.. one is easy to maintain (Bugs) and one is better to ride (Super Bugs).

They made an automatic (sort of) model.. avoid it like the plague unless you have a lot of money…

and so on..

Convertibles are expensive.. OLD bugs are expensive.. etc..

But the car is a classic and a lot of fun to drive.. If you have never had one be sure to get a maint. book to help you repair it.. (repairs are generally easy and simple).

good luck…and enjoy your bug..


Q: Why was the original style VW Beetle not offered for sale in the USA when it was still for sale in Mexico?
Volkswagen just stopped producing the old-style Beetle in 2005 but it has not been available in the US for about 30 years. Why???

A: Maybe it is because they are trying as new marketing technique or something.

Q: Is it better for economy when people spend more money?
Lets say most people buys $100,000 for 1963 Volkswagen Beetle, but everyone found out that there is store that sales $50, 000 for 1963 Volkswagen Beetle. This store sales way cheaper than other store,even the product of cars are exactly the same, like Ford,Dodge,etc, so everyone buys buys cars from this store, and everyone spend less. Will this make economy bad? It is better for economy to spend more?

A: The less price, theoretical should indicate an increase in efficiency. If this is the case then it is not bad to spend less for the same item. Remember profits are an indication of were resources should be expended. If a business can sell an item for less, then over time there profits will climb meaning that they will make more money (law of diminishing marginal cost). This would actually mean that out economic activity would climb.

Now if however spend in the entry economy would drop off. They growth would too according to the Solow model. That would mean a less optimal output and a economy that could be “better”.

Q: Where can i buy an air ride kit suspension for volkswagen vw bug beetle?
I’m looking to buy an air ride suspension , kit , or system for a 1971 vw bug. you know, the air bag / hydraulics type of deal. looking for a complete kit including compressor, bags, pipes, valves, switches, ect. any web sites , places , phone numbers , or even if you have a used for sale please let me know it will hep me alot…


A: ebay,, jcwhitney maybe

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